The Weekend - Bug Spray (C0150)

A:  The mosquitos are biting me!
B:  Me too, I can’t stop scratching. They are everywhere! Sneaky little jerks.
A:  Do you have any bug spray?
B:  No, I forgot to buy some.
A:  Then we’ll have to put up with it.
B:  We can cover ourselves with beer! That way if they bite us, they'll get drunk and fall asleep
A:  That's without a doubt, the best idea youve had! Lets do it!
B:  Run! They are thirsty for more!

Key Vocabulary

scratchto rub your skin with something sharp
sneakybehaving in a secret and usually dishonest manner
put up withto allow to exist or happen
bug spraya liquid used to prevent being bitten by bugs
mosquitoa small flying insect that bites the skin

Supplementary Vocabulary

mosquito neta net placed usually around a bed to prevent somone sleeping from being bitten
rashan outbreak of spots or patches on the skin, caused by illness or allergy
malariaa disease with recurring attacks of fever, caused by the bite of some types of mosquito
bug zappera device that attracts and kills insects that are attracted by light
pesticidea chemical used to destroy pests, esp. insects

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