The Office - Cut It Out (C0152)

Ed:  Hey, Mary, can you cut that out?
Mary:  Cut what out I'm not doing anything.
Ed:  The tapping of your pen on your desk. It’s driving me crazy.
Mary:  Fine! By the way would you mind not slurping your coffee every time you have a cup!
Ed:  I don’t slurp my coffee. And plus, how can you hear it when you're shouting into your phone all the time?
Mary:  You 've got to be kidding me! You're complaining about me talking on the phone when you go out for a cigarette break ten times a day to shoot the breeze?
Ed:  Look, we have a lot of accumulated anger from working in these conditions, and it's probably okay to let off steam once in a while But, it's probably not a good idea to keep it up I’m willing to forgive and forget and if you are.
Mary:  Fine. Let’s call a truce. I’ll try to more considerate and to keep the noise down
Ed:  Yeah, I'll try to do the same. So, I was wondering you wanna go out to dinner Friday night?

Key Vocabulary

cut that outtell sb to stop
You 've got to be kidding meYou must be making jokes with me
shoot the breezechat
let off steamto release excess energy, emotion etc
keep upcarry on
forgive and forgetstop feeling anger and decide to let it go
call a trucestop fighting
consideratethinking about the feelings of other people
slurpeat or drink (something) noisily

Supplementary Vocabulary

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