The Weekend - Rock Band (C0154)

A:  I’m forming a music band.
B:  Do you already know how to play an instrument?
A:  Uh... Yeah! I've told you a thousand times that I'm learning to play the drums. Now that I know how to play well, I would like to form a rock band.
B:  Aside from yourself, who are the other members of the band?
A:  We have a guy who plays guitar, and another who plays bass. Although we still haven’t found anyone to be our singer. You told me that you had some musical talent, right?
B:  Yes, I’m a singer.
A:  Perfect. So you can audition this weekend here at my house.
B:  Great! Wait here? You don't have enough room for the amplifiers, microphones or even your drums! By the way where do you keep them or practice?
A:  Dude? What are you talking about? It's right here! All we need is my Nintendo Wii and we are set!

Key Vocabulary

instrumenta device that is used to make music
a thousand timesmany times
auditionto take part in a trial performance
we are setwe are ready

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