The Weekend - Bachelor Party (C0155)

A:  Hi honey! You'll never guess what! My friends Julie and Alex are getting married!
B:  Wow that's great news! They're a great couple!
A:  I know! Anyways I just talked to Alex's best man and he is organizing the bachelor party It's gonna be gonna be so much fun! All the groomsmen are thinking up all the wacky and crazythings we are going to do that night.
B:  You aren't going to a strip club are you? I don't want you getting a lap dance from some stripper with the excuse that it's your friends party.
A:  Aw come on! It's just some innocent fun! You know how these things are! We are gonna play drinking games, get him some gag gifts and just have a good time.Nothing too over the top .
B:  Well, I don't know.
A:  Come on! If one of your friends was getting married I wouldn't mind you going to her bachelorette party!
B:  Good,because my friend Wendy is getting married and I'm organizing her party!
A:  What!

Key Vocabulary

you will never guessYou won't believe
best manthe principal groomsman at a wedding
You will never guesYou don't know what news I have
bachelor partya party held for a man that is getting married
groomsmena male friend who attends a bridegroom at his wedd
wackyabsurdly or amusingly eccentric or irrational
gag giftfunny or adult type toys or gifts
over the topextreme, excessive
bachelorettean unmarried woman

Supplementary Vocabulary

going away partya party held for someone who is leaving home or the country
drinking bingedrinking alcoholic beverages with the primary intention of becoming intoxicated
passed outto become unconscious
pull an all nighterto do something all night, esp. party
stag partya bachelor party

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