Global View - All Saints Day (C0158)

C:  The Day of the Dead has arrived All Soul's Dayand All Saint’s Day!
A:  Your neighbor is crazy. Why is he screaming that?
B:  Because today is the first of November the Day of the Dead
A:  Oh, that's right.
B:  This is a very special day among many cultures around the world especially in Latin America
A:  Seriously? I thought it was just like any other day, except for the fact that people visit the cemetery and remember their loved ones.
B:  Well, that's just part of it People across the world celebrate in different waysIn Mexcio for example it's common to see people building private altars honoring the deceasedusing sugar skulls, preparing the favorite foods and beverages of the departed and visiting graves with these as gifts. In the Philippines , the tombs are cleaned or repainted, candles are lit and flowers are offered Entire families camp out in cemeteries .and sometimes spend a night or two near their relatives' tombs!
A:  Whoa! That'sscary! I don't know if I could do that!
B:  Why? We should fear the living, not the dead .

Key Vocabulary

All Soul's DayNovember 2 observed in some Christian churches as the day of the dead
honorconfer honor on
the departedthe people who have passed away

Supplementary Vocabulary

pass awayto die, to perish
burialthe act of burying, esp the interment of a dead body
wakeA watch over the body of a deceased person before burial, sometimes accompanied by festivity. Also called regionally viewing.
funeral processionA group of persons, vehicles, or objects moving along a casket through the streets
cremateto burn up (something, esp a corpse) and reduce to ash

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