Daily Life - Getting Flowers (C0159)

A:  Hello sir, how may I help you?
B:  I would like to buy some flowers, please. Something really nice.
A:  I see, may I ask whatthe occasion is?
B:  It's not really an occasion, it's more like I'm sorry.
A:  Very well. This arrangement here is very popular among regretful husb ands and boyfriends. It has a dozenlong stem red roses with a couple of sunflowers and a single orchid that stands out. It includes a small teddy bear to achievethe effect of immediate forgiveness.
B:  I think I'm gonna need more than just a dozen red roses and a bear. What else do you recommend?
A:  Mmm, well this is our " I'm sorry I cheated on you" package. Two dozen red roses lined with tulips, carnati ons and lilies. The fragrance and beauty of this flower arrangement is sure to make her forgive you.
B:  I don't think that's gonna cut it. I need something bigger and better!
A:  I'm sorry sir but, what exactly did you do?
B:  Well, I may have accidentally insinuated that she is getting chubbier .
A:  Get out of my store you jerk!

Key Vocabulary

dozena word used to describe twelve units
recommendsay something deserves to be chosen
fragrancea scent or smell
chubbymore polite way of calling someone fat

Supplementary Vocabulary

vasea container for holding flowers, usually made of glass or porcelain
bouqueta bunch of flowers tied together
greenerythe green plants in a bouquet that are not flowers, such as large leaves
centerpiecea decorative object found at the center of a table, usually made of flowers
to suck upto flatter someone excessively with words and gifts, in order to get on their good side

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