Daily Life - Computer Games (C0161)

A:  MarkWhere have you been? I've been calling you all morning.
B:  I've been playing computer games.
A:  What? So you blew me off yesterday and today over a stupid video game? What game is so important that you have no time for me anymore? What are you playing?
B:  It's called Counter Strike It's a first person shooter game. It's awesome. It's a multi player game where you can go online and compete against players from all over the world.
A:  You've been wasting your time on this? I can't believe it! It doesn't even look fun or challenging!
B:  My laptop is on my bed. If you think it's so easy then get onlineand try to beat me.
A:  Fine!
B:  Dammit! Howare youkilling me with a single shot? It's not fair! I don't want to play anymore! Let's go get something to eat.
A:  Can you bring me something? I am totally hooked on this game!

Key Vocabulary

blow someone offto ignore someone or not appear to an appointment
challengingdifficult in an enjoyable way
wasteuse more than necessary

Supplementary Vocabulary

strategya plan to obtain a specific result
simulationsomething that imitates reality to seem real
real-timedescribes when a game is played live
hardcorebeing extremely dedicated to something
to ownto win a battle and take over the enemy in a game

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