Global View - Veteran's Day (C0162)

A:  Do you have any plans for Veteran's Day
B:  You mean Armistice Day
A:  Well, as you know, on November 11th allies signed a peace treaty with the Germans, also known astheArmistice Treaty This marked the end of WWI and many countries around the world commemorate this date under names such as " day. In Poland it's their independence day! There's a lot going on around the world on this day.
B:  Wow, I didn't know! Probably because I flunked history in school.

Key Vocabulary

armisticean agreement to stop a war
flunkfail in exams

Supplementary Vocabulary

poppya red flower with a black center that grew on the graves of soldiers who died in WWI, worn to commemorate the dead in Commonwealth countries
to pay your respectsto show respect to someone you are grateful to
a moment of silencethe time in a Veteran's Day ceremony when everyone is quiet for one minute as they pay their respects
saluteto pay respect to or to honor by an outward act
The Last Postthe name of a famous salute, a trumpet solo played at most Remembrance Day ceremonies in Commonwealth countries

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