Daily Life - Learning How To Drive (C0167)

A:  Ok! I'm ready for my driving lesson! Should I start the car?
B:  Hold on there Fittipaldi, first let's go over things one more time. Now before you even think of starting the car, make sure your seat is at a comfortable position and you can grip the steering wheel firmly. Next check your rear view mirrors to make sure you can see properly.
A:  We have been through this a million times! Let's get going already! I'm ready!
B:  Fine start the car. Now gently step on the clutch and shift to 1st gear. Good, now accelerate gently and let go of the clutch as you do it. There we go, good!
A:  I'm doing it! I'm driving! This is awesome! Le'ts turn some music on!
B:  Keep your eyes on the road! No music! We are coming up to a red light, step on the brakes. What are you doing? I said the brakes! Look out for those people! Get off the sidewalk!
A:  Get out of my way! This is just like playing video games!
B:  It's the police! Pull over!
A:  They'll never take me alive!

Key Vocabulary

griphold, reach
clutchthe pedal that you press before you change gear
sidewalkthe part of the road where people walk
steering wheelthe wheel which the driver holds in a car
pull overto move a car to the side of the road and stop

Supplementary Vocabulary

seatbelta belt in a car fastened around the midsection to keep the person safely secured against the seat
speed limitthe maximum speed allowed on the road
intersectiona place where two or more major roads meet
traffic lighta set of electrically operated signal lights used to direct or control traffic at intersections
yield signa road sign in the shape of an upside-down triangle, meaning to slow down and prepare to stop if necessary

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