Daily Life - Wedding Doubts (C0170)

A:  Man, I'm freaking out! You gotta help me!
B:  Whoa whoa take it easy, relax. Geez, you're sweating like a pig! What's going on?
A:  I can't go through with this! I just can't! I'm not ready for marriage! What was I thinking? I'm only thirty five years old! I've got my entire life ahead of me, adventures waiting! I can't settle down yet!
B:  What are you talking about? It wasn't more than a month ago that you were rambling on about how you are tired of living the life of a bachelor and how you envy your friends that have a family!
A:  I know I know!
B:  Let's think this through. First of all, you cannot leave Amy atthe altar. Not only will she be humiliated and kill you, but she is the woman that you love andthe woman of your dreams! Why would you want to end that or jeopardize it like this? Second of all, you are just getting cold feet. You know deep down inside that you want to marry her, so cut the crap and do it!
B:  You’re right. I'm being crazy! Ok, I'm ready, lets do this!
A:  Great! Phew! That was a close one ! You had me going there for a minute I thought I was gonna have to slap some sense intoyou

Key Vocabulary

wedding partya party of people at a wedding
get cold feetbecome nervous and reconsider a decision about an
freak outlose one's nerve
soul-searchinglong and careful examination of one's thoughts and
slap some sense intoremind someone to stay calm

Supplementary Vocabulary

fiance/fianceemale/female who is engaged to be married
unfaithfulnot sexually faithful to a spouse or lover
don't see eye to eyehave differences of opinion

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