The Weekend - Buying a Camera (C0171)

A:  Hello, ma'am, can I help you find something?
B:  Yes, actually I'm looking to buy a camera.
A:  We've got a wide selection do you know if you'd like a point-and-shoot, or something a little fancier? Are you shopping for yourself or for someone else?
B:  Actually I'm buying a camera for my husband.
A:  Ah, well then I'd recommend a nice entry-level digital SLR.
B:  Yeah? Can I take a look at the SLRs you carry?
A:  Sure thing, follow me. This here is the.
B:  The Canon Eos. Yeah it's ok, but I'm looking for something that performs better in low light, has a better display panel, and longer battery life.
A:  Oh, ah, umthe Nikon D60 is a nice option.
B:  Yeah, but what kit lens does this camera come with? I don't want some bulky telephoto lens.
A:  Oh, well this one has the, uh.
B:  Looks to me like an 18-55mm lens. pretty standard, that will do. Not like my husband will be stalking celebrities or anything!
A:  So, ahem, can I interest you in any acc...
B:  Accessories? Do you carry polarizing filters?
A:  Polarizing filter um we should! I'm sorry, ma'am. looks like we're sold out.
B:  No you're not! There are some right here!
A:  Oh, well, would you look at that! Po-la-ri-zing filters.
B:  Thanks for your help, Ralph!
A:  No problem, ma'am.

Key Vocabulary

point-and-shootAny compact non-SLR camera with non-interchangeable lenses, using automatic settings and simplified controls. Generally desired by novices and casual users.
interest someone intry to persuade someone to buy, do, or eat something
lensa transparent optical device used to converge or diverge transmitted light and to form images
polarizing filtera camera lens filter used to control the plane of polarization of light entering the lens.
entry-levelsimple and appropriate to an inexperienced person

Supplementary Vocabulary

tripoda three-legged stand for a camera
filtera lens screen of dyed gelatin or glass for controlling color or for diminishing the intensity of light
exposurethe process of light hitting a photosensitive surface, such as film or a digital image sensor
shuttera mechanical device for opening and closing the aperture of a camera lens to expose film
wide-angle lensa lens which has a wide coverage angle so it can take in a great deal of scene, usually any lens shorter than 42mm

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