Daily Life - Dry Cleaners (C0172)

A:  Thank god you are open! I have an emergency!
B:  Hello Mr. Henderson what can I do for you?
A:  I need this dress and this suit dry cleaned ASAP!
B:  OK, I can have it ready by the end ofthe week.
A:  No you don't understand, I need this tomorrow morning! I accidentally spilled beer all over my wife's dress and we have a wedding to attend tomorrow! She's gonna kill me!
B:  Ok, I can have it ready tomorrow afternoon, but this suit is also very stained. I can't guarantee we can remove it completely.
A:  Fine! Can you also iron and starch this shirt?
B:  Certainly.
A:  Great! This is our secret! If you see my wife, say nothing to her about this!

Key Vocabulary

dry cleanway to clean clothes without water using chemicals
spillto allow something to fall from the container
stainedmarked or dyed or discolored with foreign matter
starchstiffen (clothes, etc) with starch
ironto smooth clothes with a heated iron

Supplementary Vocabulary

delicateeasily damaged
neighborhoodthe surrounding area
to pressto iron
hangera shoulder-shaped frame with a hook at the top for draping and hanging a piece of clothing when not in use

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