The Weekend - Getting a manicure (C0174)

A:  Honey I'll be right back!
B:  Where are you going?
A:  I told you already! I'm going to. get my nails done.
B:  Again? You just went last week! You spend more time atthe nail salon than you do here at home! Honestly, why do you need a manicure every week?
A:  Well, first of all, I like to pamper myself, and my nails look great. You should come with me!
B:  Why? I don't want to have nail polish or anything like that!
A:  They don't only paint my nails! The manicurist will remove my cuticles, file my nails, and apply at least nails coats of nail polish!
B:  Yeah, sounds like something I should definitely do.

Key Vocabulary

get someone's nails donehave a manicure
pampertreat with excessive indulgence
filesmooth with a file
coatcover, surface
applyto place in contact with; to lay or spread on

Supplementary Vocabulary

French Manicurea special way of painting the nails so that it mimics the color of natural nails, with a clear, beige or soft pink polish on most of the nail and a white finish at the tips
nail clippera mechanical device used to trim fingernails and toenails
nail polish removera solution made of acetone or ethyl acetate used to remove nail polish
acrylic nailsfake nails made of acrylic: liquid acrylic is applied to a real nail and then hardened
gel nailsfake nails made of a gel: gel is applied to a real nail and then hardened

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