Global View - New Years Resolution (C0175)

A:  Did you read this? It says that the number one new years resolution make is to spend more time with friends and family.
B:  Why would that be funny?
A:  Well, think about it. We are a society that is always on the go, not because we have to, but because we want to.
B:  Why?
A:  We work hard and spend less time at home because we are trying to provide for our family with goods and services that are usually unnecessary.
B:  I don't agree, but anyways, I think you should start thinking of a new year's resolution yourself.
A:  What's the point? We always make a new year's resolution and by February we will have forgotten about it. It's pointless.
B:  Well then maybe you should resolve to sticking to your goals and objectives.
A:  What about you? Your gym bag is gathering dust and you still have brand new running shoes that are yet to be jogged in.
B:  Well, I would go if you kept your promise of going tothe gym with me everyday!
A:  Yeah yeah whatever.

Key Vocabulary

new year's resolutionnew year's decision or plan
on the govery busy and active
pointidea you try to make people understand
resolvebring to an end
brand newcompletely new

Supplementary Vocabulary

to make a commitmentto make a pledge to do something
clean slatea new start by clearing the record
to implementto put into effect by means of a definite plan
to reformto change for the better
lifestyle changea change in the way a person lives

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