The Weekend - Decorating a Christmas Tree (C0177)

HUSBAND:  I'm home! Everyone come here! I bought a Christmas tree! Look at this beautiful pine tree!
WIFE:  Wow, it's huge! Are you sure it will fit inthe living room?
KID:  Awesome! I'll go getthe Christmas lights!
HUSBAND:  Of course it will. help me put it inthe living room.
KID:  I found the lights!
WIFE:  I gotthe Christmas ornaments! We could also place these stockings next to the chimney.
HUSBAND:  Great idea! While we decorate the tree, we can listen to some good old Christmas songs!

Key Vocabulary

hugevery big
ornamentdecoration, something used to beautify
of coursecertainly true
stockinglarge sock; traditionally Christmas gifts are put inside

Supplementary Vocabulary

tinselvery thin strips of shiny metallic material
garlanda chain of flowers, leaves, or tinsel
wreatha closed circle of garland
light up the Christmas treeturn on the Christmas tree lights
Christmas star/angela large ornament in the shape of a star or an angel, usually with lights, placed on the very top of the Christmas tree

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