Daily Life - Christmas Day (C0181)

A:  Dad, dad, dad! Wake up! It's Christmas!
B:  Timmy. It's too early for this. Look, it's six in the morning! Go back to bed!
A:  No way! Santa already came and left all our presents! Can we go open them? Please! Please!
C:  Of course we can honey. Bill, come on, get dressed.
B:  Fine! Not like Santa brought me any gifts!
C:  Bill! Honestly, you can be such a grouch sometimes.
A:  Look at all these presents under the Christmas tree! Awesome!
B:  Alright Timmy, knock yourself out. We should get ready and head to the market to buy everything for the Christmas dinner tonight.
C:  Yeah you're right. It's the first time we are hosting Christmas dinner at our house so everything has to be perfect.
B:  I got the list right here. Ham, turkey, mashed potatoes, ingredients for the gravy and of course, yams!
C:  My dad offered to bring the eggnog so we should be set!

Key Vocabulary

groucha bad-tempered person
knock oneself outgo ahead; do as you please
head togo directly to
hosthold an activity
setready for something (informal)

Supplementary Vocabulary

cannot sit stillcannot sit patiently while waiting due to excitement, anxiety, etc
bursting with excitementbeing so excited that one feels as though it is bursting out from within themself
wrapping paperheavy decorated paper used to wrap gifts
candy canea striped stick of peppermint candy with the top curved to resemble a walking cane
hot cocoa/chocolatea beverage made from cocoa powder and milk and sugar; usually drunk hot

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