Daily Life - Buying A New Mobile Phone (C0189)

A:  Hello sir, may I help you?
B:  Yeah, I accidentally dropped my phone in the toilet.
A:  I see. Well, you have come to the right place. We have over one hundred models of more than twenty leading mobile phone manufacturers.
B:  Sounds good. I don't want it to be too expensive, maybe something mid-range.
A:  We have this new HTC smart phone. It comes with the Android OS so you can download applications. It also has a built-in camera, mp3 player and touch screen. It works on the 3G network so you have fast access to the internet wherever you are.
B:  What about Wi-fi?
A:  Of course! You can access the internet from any hotspot as well as from home.
B:  One last thing. Is it waterproof?

Key Vocabulary

accidentallyby accident
applicationsoftware program
networka tele-communication system
hotspotplace with internet connectivity
smart phonea phone with wireless internet capacity
Android OSmanagement system

Supplementary Vocabulary

Nokiapopular cell phone brand
SIM card"Subscriber Identity Module;" card used in cell phones to place and receive calls, messages
iTunes app storean online store created by Apple to sell applications for smart phones
to surf the webto use the internet

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