The Weekend - Family Barbecue (C0190)

A:  Is everything ready for the big family barbecue tomorrow?
B:  Yep. The steaks and chicken are marinated and I also bought hamburger buns.
A:  We should also cook a couple dozen hot dogs and kebabs.
B:  Yeah, good idea. We can put some lawn furniture outside next to the grill. I also set up the tent outside so we can hide from the sun if it gets too hot.
A:  Great! I asked Grace to bring cups and serviettes as she is also bringing two big coolers for the beers.
B:  This is gonna be a great barbecue!

Key Vocabulary

barbecuea meal cooked out of doors over an open fire
marinatebe soaked in marinade
dozena group of twelve
kebabpieces of roasted meat, fish, and vegetables on a skewer
grillutensil with a metal grate (parallel metal bars) for cooking food over a fire
tentportable shelter of canvas held up by poles, rope, and pegs
serviettea small square of cloth or paper
coolera container, vessel, or apparatus for cooling
lawn furniturefurniture intended for use outside in the yard
hamburger buna round bun shaped to hold a hamburger patty

Supplementary Vocabulary

tongsdevice with two arms that are joined as a hinge at one end, used for grasping, holding, or lifting something
charcoal grillgrill used for barbecuing using charcoal as a fuel, which gives the food a smokey taste
gas grillgrill used for barbecuing using gas as a fuel, as from a propane tank or from a natural gas pipeline
skewerlong pin of wood or metal for inserting through meat or other food to hold or bind it while cooking
basting brushbrush used to moisten food periodically with a liquid or sauce, especially while cooking

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