Global View - Natural Disasters (C0192)

Bob:  Those are the headlines for today, and now for the international weather report with Mike Sanderson.
Mike:  Thank you, Bob! This past week has been the beginning of Armageddon for many, a series of unprecedented meteorological events occurred around the world. In Switzerland, a major avalanche was reported in the Alps. Fortunately, no one was injured. Due to to the extreme cold this winter, a blizzard has struck the US Midwest, causing classes in schools and universities to be temporarily canceled.
Mike:  Moving to to Latin American, Ecuador has suffered a six month drought that has not only affected farming, but has also forced the closure of the hydroelectric power plant that provides electricity for the entire country. In Chile, a major earthquake that registered seven point five on the Richter scale struck the southern region. Losses are reported to be in the billions. Authorities have not yet released an official statement.
Bob:  Not a great week for the world! Any good news?
Mike:  I'm afraid not, Bob. One of the major volcanoes in Mexico has erupted, causing major floods and landslides in the region. Meanwhile, Mexico 's coast has been hit by hurricane Liliana and officials say that all the seismic activity leads them to believe that a tsunami may hit Central America, affecting Honduras, Guatemala and Panama. That's all the news we have for today, but stay tuned for updates on the six o'clock news. Back to you Bob.

Key Vocabulary

bizzardgreat snow
droughta prolonged period of scanty rainfall
hurricanevery big rain and wind storm
tsunamia large sea wave produced by an earthquake
seismic activitysomething that tech relating to or caused by an ea

Supplementary Vocabulary

Hailsmall pieces of ice that fall from the sky instead of rain
TornadoA strong whirl of air that moves quickly
TyphoonA tropical cyclone occurring in the western Pacific or Indian oceans.
HurricaneA severe tropical cyclone having winds greater than one hundren kilometers per hour
Heat WaveA period of unusually hot weather.

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