Global View - Job Hunting (C0195)

A:  Woo hoo! This just might be the start of the rest of my life!
B:  What happened?
A:  I'm in the market for a job! I went on a website with hundreds of job listings in the area and browsed through them until I got the names of a few employers I would like to work for. I have the resume I wrote for English class last month and a cover letter will be a piece of cake to write. I've even done my research and found the names of the managers so I can address the letters personally. And you know I can be charming in interviews. Goodbye my penniless days! Hello salary and a career!
B:  Ben, we're fifteen. What kind of job are you looking for?
A:  Oh, just for a position as a gas station attendant. You know, starting at a simple lowly job, just like all the greats before they made it big in the world.
B:  Uh-huh.
A:  But I'm just in it for the money, right? How else am I going to be able to afford to keep taking Angela to the movies? Besides, I love the smell of gasoline, don't you?

Key Vocabulary

managera person who manages an organization, company
charmingdelightful; pleasant; attractive
interviewa conversation with or questioning of a person
pennilessvery poor; almost totally without money
salarymoney paid by the employer each month
careerprofession that someone does for a long time
positionjob, occupation
gas stationplace where gasoline is sold
attendanta person employed to provide a service
lowlyhumble or low in position
greatgreat, or big people
uh-huha less emphatic variant of yes
gasolinepetroleum fuel
jobregular work you do to earn money
listinga database containing an ordered array of items
browseto search for and read hypertext
employera person or firm who employs
resumea summary of your academic and work history
coverput something on top of
lettera written communication addressed to a person, com
managera person who manages an organization, company
addressput an address on an envelope

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