Daily Life - Going To The Tailor (C0196)

A:  Welcome to Bill's Fabric World. What can I do for you today?
B:  I was wondering if you guys also tailor clothes?
A:  Sure we do! We have the best tailors in the country! What is it that you need exactly?
B:  Well, I'm looking to get a custom-made suit.
A:  Excellent! We have the finest cashmeres at affordable prices. How about we get you measured? Let's start off by measuring the width of your shoulders. Now, let’s measure the length of your arms and this bit around your neck here.
B:  Can you make sure you leave a little extra space in the collar? My neck gets easily irritated.
A:  No problem! Now for your pants, let me just measure your waist and the inseam.
B:  You might also want to leave a little extra room in the waist area. I tend to gain a few pounds over the holidays.
A:  OK. Now you can pick your fabric and pattern design. Please follow me.

Key Vocabulary

custom-mademade especially for the needs of one person
measureto ascertain the dimensions, quantity
make surebe sure
tendbe more likely
pattern designan artistic or decorative design that repeats

Supplementary Vocabulary

VestA garment covering the upper body that has no sleeves
TuxedoA complete formal outfit, usually black that includes pants, jacket and bow tie.
Bow TieA short necktie fashioned into a bowknot close to the throat.
CufflinksA fastening for a shirt cuff, usually consisting of two buttons or buttonlike parts connected with a chain or shank that passes through two slits in the cuff.
CumberbundA broad waist sash, usually pleated, which is often worn with single-breasted dinner jackets

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