Global View - Calling 911 (C0197)

A:  Alright class, now that we're all dressed up let's see what professions you chose. Ah, I see a fireman, a police officer, a medic, and a lifeguard! Can anyone tell me what these people have in common?
B:  They save people from bad things?
A:  That's right! Now class, if something bad happened and you had to get help, do you know what phone number you would call?
C:  911!
A:  Yes, you would pick up the phone and dial 911. What are some emergency situations where you would need to dial 911?
B:  If my grandpa has a heart attack!
C:  If there is an accident!
B:  If a robber breaks into the house!
C:  If the fire alarm goes off!
B:  Pff! I wouldn't call 911 if the fire alarm went off in my house. The only time that ever happens is when we're having spaghetti for supper, and Mom burns the garlic bread, as usual.

Key Vocabulary

dress upto put on fancy dress, disguise
professionan occupation requiring special training
firemanperson who puts out fires and rescues people
police officerpoliceman or policewoman
lifeguardperson who protects people from drowning
dialto press the buttons to make a telephone call
break intoto enter a house illegally, esp by force
go offto ring or sound loudly
robberperson who robs or steals
heart attackpainful condition where the heart stops beating
pick uptake up by hand

Supplementary Vocabulary

Burglar AlarmAn alarm installed in a house or building that goes off if there is a break in
Hold UpTo rob while armed, often at gunpoint.
Crime ScenePlace where an illegal event took place and there is evidence there that police need.
Hit And Runthe crime of colliding with a person, their personal property (including their motor vehicle), or a fixture, and failing to stop and identify oneself afterwards
Fender-bendera collision between motor vehicles that produces minor damage

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