Daily Life - Applying CPR (C0198)

A:  Hello everyone and welcome to our CPR for beginners course. First of all, does anyone know what CPR stands for?
B:  Cardiopulmonary resuscitation!
A:  That's right! We apply CPR in the case of cardiac arrest or pulmonary arrest.
B:  What does that mean?
A:  Well, basically if your heart stops pumping blood, or your lungs stop pumping air, then we need to get them going again! That's when we have to apply this procedure. Let's begin! I need a volunteer.
B:  Me! Me!
A:  Alright, come here and lay flat on your back. Let's suppose this young woman has stopped breathing. We must lift the person's chin so that we clear a pathway for air to get into the lungs. Then we place our mouth over the other person's mouth and blow air two or three times, like this.
B:  Wait, what are you doing? I'm a married woman! You can't just try to kiss me like this!
A:  Ma’ am I'm not trying to kiss you! I am trying to demonstrate how to apply CPR in the case of an emergency.
B:  Well, ok. But no French kissing!
A:  As I was saying, we blow air through the mouth in this manner. Once this is done, we must try to get the heart going again. To do this, we place our hands over the person's chest, and press down firmly two or three times.
B:  Wait, what are you doing! You can't just kiss me then go for second base!

Key Vocabulary

cardiopulmonary resuscitationemergency procedure for reviving heart and lung function
stand forrepresent
in the case ofin the matter of someone or something
cardiac arrestfailure of the pumping action of the heart
pulmonary arrestthe cessation of breathing
procedurea manner of proceeding
volunteera person who performs voluntarily
lay flatlie down with all parts of the body touching floor
on your backface-up lying on the floor
supposeassume to be true
French kissa kiss in which the tongue enters the partner's mouth
go for second basetouch the breast
get goinglet something work again

Supplementary Vocabulary

heimlich maneuvera series of abdominal thrusts used to expel an object a person is choking on
concussiona brain injury that is caused by a sudden blow to the head or to the body
strokethe rapidly developing loss of brain function(s) due to disturbance in the blood supply to the brain.
hemorrhagea discharge or escape of blood
go into shockA marked loss of blood pressure, diminished blood circulation, and inadequate blood flow to the tissues.

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