Daily Life - At The Post Office (C0201)

A:  Welcome to the National Post. How may I help you?
B:  Hi, I would like to send this package to China, and these postcards as well.
A:  Very well. You will need some stamps for the postcards and I need to weigh that package, too.
B:  Great. How much is this going to cost?
A:  Well, it depends. Do you want to send it via priority, express or standard mail?
B:  What's the difference?
A:  Well, standard mail can take up to fifteen working days . Priority is a bit faster and will arrive in about five to eight working days. Express is the fastest, but it's also the most expensive. It only takes three days and you can track your package online.
B:  I see. Well, there's no rush. Please send it via priority mail. Please be extra careful, the contents of the package are fragile.

Key Vocabulary

weighto find the weight of something
up toat least
takecost or require
rushto be in a hurry
fragileeasily broken or damaged
viatravelling through a place on the way to somewhere
priorityto be treated as more important than something els
expressa service for carrying things faster than usual
standardusual or ordinary

Supplementary Vocabulary

parcelsomething wrapped up; a package
forwarderan agent that facilitates and assures the passage of received goods to their destination.
postagethe charge for delivering a piece of mail
P.O Boxa numbered compartment in a post office where mail is put to be called for
shipto place, transport, or travel on any conveyance, esp aboard a ship

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