The Weekend - Asking For Directions (C0202)

A:  We have been going around in circles for the past hour! Will you just please stop and ask for directions?
B:  We are not lost! I'm just taking the scenic route.
A:  Yeah, whatever. I told you we should buy that GPS that was on sale, but would you listen to me? No! This is so typical.
B:  Fine! I'll ask this guy for directions if it will shut your trap! Excuse me, sir. Can you tell me how to get to Saint Mary's Church?
C:  Sure! Go down Park Road. turn left, go up as far as the set of traffic lights and turn left. The place you are looking for isthe second building on the right.
A:  Thanks!
B:  See? Was that hard? If you would only listen to me more often, you would be better off.

Key Vocabulary

typicalhaving the usual characteristics (of)
directionan instruction leading to a place or point
on salespecial offer or discount
get toreach;be able to arrive at(in)
better offbe in a better condition
go aroundcirculate
GPSGlobal Positioning System
shut your trapshut up

Supplementary Vocabulary

freewayA highway without tolls. Also known as an expressway
TollA fixed charge or tax for a privilege, especially for passage across a bridge or along a road.
Pedestriana person travelling on foot; walker
middle of nowherea remote or far away place where there are very few people or buildings
HitchhikerA person that travels by soliciting free rides along a road.

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