Daily Life - Calling Tech Support (C0203)

Tech guy:  Hello, thanks for calling 123TechHelp, I’m Todd. How can I help you?
Client:  Hello? Can you help me? My computer! Oh man...
Todd:  It’s okay sir, calm down. What happened?
Client:  I turned on my laptop and it broke! I mean, the monitor went black!
Todd:  Ok, sir, it sounds like you might have a virus.
Client:  I don’t feel sick,...let me check... Nope! No fever, I’m fine.
Todd:  No, your computer might have a virus, I mean, it has a bad program on it. Maybe that’s why it crashed. I recommend that you run an antivirus program in order to safely remove any unwanted spyware or Trojans.
Client:  Phew! ……Wait a minute, CRASH??!! Spyware? Trojans! What? where? when?!

Key Vocabulary

oh manto express emotion or feeling, like God, Jesus
calm downbecome quiet or calm, relax
laptopa small computer which is easily carried
I meanto express ones own opinion, meaning
monitoran electronic display that shows images
virusa program designed to harm a computer
nopeno (informal)
programa set of instructions to perform
crashstop working or functioning properly
antivirusa program designed to identify and remove computer viruses
runto work or be in operation
spywaresoftware that secretly gathers information

Supplementary Vocabulary

HotlineA telephone line that gives quick and direct access to a source of information or help
PhisihingTo request confidential information over the Internet under false pretenses in order to fraudulently obtain credit card numbers, passwords, or other personal data
CrackTo break open or into something such as a safe or a computer system
FormatTo divide (a disk) into marked sectors so that it may store data.
HardwareA computer and the associated physical equipment directly involved in the performance of data-processing or communications functions.

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