The Office - Closing The Deal (C0205)

Mr. Smith:  I’m glad you could find time to meet with me, Mr. Johnson. I can’t think of a nicer environment for our meeting today, the ambiance here is lovely!
Mr. Johnson:  No problem, if possible I always combine business with pleasure. Now, let’s hear more about these chocolates you’re offering.
Mr. Smith:  Well, as you know, I have recently become the sole distributor for Grangers Gourmet Bon-bons here in the United States. They’re a new manufacturer and are looking to break into the luxury market. Naturally, your restaurant sprang into my mind immediately. I think your brand exemplifies many ofthe same traits as Grangers and serving these chocolates would really add to your reputation for providing elegant, luxurious, first class dining.
Mr. Johnson:  Hmmm, sounds interesting…. gourmet chocolates , where are they produced? Belgium?
Mr. Smith:  Actually, the factory is located in Scotland.
Mr. Johnson:  Really? I didn’t think they were known for their luxury chocolate production…
Mr. Smith:  That’s what makes this such a fantastic opportunity! The government is one hundred percent supportive of creating new export markets and has guaranteed a low tariff for all wholesale orders of over one thousand units. They’ve also reduced the red tape involved at customs as well. Here, I brought these especially for you, try one!
Mr. Johnson:  Oh, thanks. Mmm, hmm, creamy texture, smooth….
Mr. Smith:  Unique aren’t they? I bet you’ve never tasted anything like it! Quality is assured as I personally visit the factory to make sure no one’s cutting corners with the ingredients. Only the crème de la crème make it through inspection.
Mr. Johnson:  Yes, very interesting flavors……. Slightly spicy, very unique, that’s for sure. Exactly what ARE the ingredients?
Mr. Smith:  I have it on highest authority that this traditional secret recipe has been handed down inthe Granger family for generations. I’m sure you can keep a secret. Buttermilk, cacao beans, sugar and Haggis.
Mr. Johnson:  Haggis? What’s Haggis?
Mr. Smith:  It’s a traditional Scottish delicacy; you take sheep’s liver, heart and lung and stuff it inside ofthe sheep’s stomach.
Mr. Johnson:  Ah, get back to you.
Mr. Smith:  Mr. Johnson? Mr. Johnson?

Key Vocabulary

ambiencethe atmosphere of a place
distribuitora person or business that sells to retail stores
manufacturera company that makes goods
break intoenter quickly
springTo appear or come into being quickly
exemplifysets an example, a demonstration
traita characteristic feature or quality
factoryplace where goods are made
knowfamous for, easily recognized
tariffa tax or amount of money to be paid
wholesaleThe sale of goods in large quantities.
red tapeprocedures required to gain bureaucratic approval
cutting cornersTo do something in the easiest or most inexpensive
hand downto pass from one family member or generation to th
Haggismade of sheep's viscera minced with oatmeal, suet,
stuffto pack tightly, to cram inside

Supplementary Vocabulary

Angel InvestorsIndividuals who back emerging entrepreneurial ventures, usually as a bridge to get from the self-funded stage to the level of business that would both need and attract venture capital.
Joint VentureA legal entity created by two or more businesses joining together to conduct a specific business enterprise with both parties sharing profits and losses.
Venture CapitalA form of financing for a company in which the business gives up partial ownership and control of the business in exchange for capital over a limited time frame, usually 3-5 years.
MergerA joining together of two previously separate corporations.
Auditan evaluation of a person, organization, system, process, enterprise, project or product.

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