Daily Life - Talking To Your Roomate (C0206)

A:  Charlie, do you have a second?
B:  Yeah what's up?
A:  Well, I went and paid the bills today and you still haven't given me your half.
B:  Yeah I wanted to talk to you about that. I agreed we would go halves on allthe bills, but frankly I think it's unfair.
A:  Unfair! Why?
B:  Well, you have long hair and use the hairdryer every morning. I don't. You leave your computer on all night downloading torrents. I don't. You see what I'm getting at here?
A:  You leave the air conditioner on day and night! You also take 30 minute showers which means you are using way more gas and water than me!
B:  Well, while we are at it, stop bringing your friends over for drinks every weekend. You always leave a mess and keep me up all night!
A:  Maybe you should just move out and find another place.
B:  Maybe you should move out!

Key Vocabulary

billa document that shows how much you must pay
go halvesdivide equally
move outto vacate a residence, cause to leave
what I am getting atwhat I am trying to say
way moremuch more, a lot more

Supplementary Vocabulary

LandlordOne that owns and rents land, buildings, or dwelling units.
LeaseA contract granting use or occupation of property during a specified period in exchange for a specified rent.
UtilityA commodity or service, such as electricity, water, or public transportation, that is provided by a public utility
DowerThe rights of a widow in the property of her husband at his death.
Breach Of ContractA legal violation of an established contract between two parties

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