Daily Life - Office Gossip (C0209)

Pam:  Psssst! Pssssssssst! Hey! Eric, have you heard?
Eric:  Hm? No… go on, tell me, what’s the latest office gossip?
Pam:  Well, you didn’t hear this from me but the rumor is………. is getting a promotion!
Eric:  No way! But… she’s a terrible worker… and you can’t trust her… she’s so two-faced – you can’t believe anything she says!
Paula:  Hey guys, what are you two whispering about?
Eric:  Oh Hi Paula! How are you?
Paula:  I’ve got some good news! I’m getting a promotion!
Pam:  Congratulations! Eric and I were just saying that you are the best person forthe job….
Eric:  Yes! You’re the best!

Key Vocabulary

hearlearn something by the ear (usually in surprise)
gossiprumor or talk of a personal, sensational nature
whispersoft speech produced without full voice
rumora mixture of truth and untruth passed around
promotionact of raising in rank or position

Supplementary Vocabulary

talksomeone who cannot keep a secret
trustsomeone who cannot be trusted
praiseto speak very well about someone
bad mouthto speak poorly about someone
Liesomeone who does not tell the truth

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