Daily Life - Meeting the In-laws (C0210)

Cindy:  Mother, father, I'd like to introduce you to my fiancĂ©, Bob.
Miranda:  Hello, Bob. Welcome.
Bob:  Thanks for having me. Nice to meet the both of you. I've heard so much!
Thurston:  So Cindy told you about bringing home her last boyfriend, then? Hah, that idiot...
Miranda:  Shhh! Thurston, you're going to scare the poor boy. Come in and have a drink. Dinner will be on in just a bit.
Thurston:  What'll you be having? Whiskey? Bourbon? Pick your poison!
Bob:  If you have a lemonade that'd be great.
Thurston:  Lemona...?
Miranda:  Why sure, there's some in the fridge!
Cindy:  Mother makes her own lemonade from scratch. It's the best!
Thurston:  So what are your hobbies, son? If you want, we can do some hunting tomorrow. I've just picked up a new rifle I've been meaning to try out. Should be a real hoot!
Bob:  Um. I'm not really. eh. I don't really hunt.
Thurston:  You don't hunt? Well I'll be...
Cindy:  Bob is an animal rights activist. He doesn't believe in harming animals.
Miranda:  Dinner's ready! Let's go out to the patio where the pig is roasting.
Bob:  Roast pig? I'm a vegetarian.

Key Vocabulary

scratchto rub your skin with something sharp
pick your poisonselect whatever you like
pick upbuy
roastcook with dry heat
activistadvocating or engaged in activism
well I'll beused to refer to show surprise

Supplementary Vocabulary

home cookingA meal prepared at home
alcoholAn intoxicating drink
nervousto be uncomfortable(usually emotionally)
frightento scare someone
chastiseto scold someone

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