The Weekend - Playing Board Games (C0211)

Jim:  Hey- Why did you take that money? You are such a cheater! I should send you to jail!
Karen:  I am not cheating. When you pass go, you collect $200, Everyone knows that!
Jim:  Well you can’t just take the money. You have to ask the bank for money. And I’m the banker.
Karen:  Banker?
Jim:  Yes…
Karen:  Can I have my $200 please?
Jim:  Sure. Here you are, $200, Thank you, please come again! Now it's my turn to roll the dice.

Key Vocabulary

such aso extreme a degree
cheatto deceive by trickery
my turnmy opportunity to do something
jailplace where prisoners are kept
can Iused to ask for permissions
bankerthe player in charge of the bank in gambling games

Supplementary Vocabulary

Bank TellerA person who works for the bank
CrookA person who steals(usually things of value)
PermissionTo accept a request
GamblingA game of odds
Collectto receive something of yours

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