Daily Life - Describing Personalities (C0214)

A:  OK class, settle down. I have the results of your individual personality tests. I am going to hand them out and if you'dlike, you can read them out loud to the rest of the class.
B:  I'll read mine!
A:  OK, go ahead.
B:  It says here that I am adventurous, outgoing and easy-going. It says that I am a little superstitious and occasionally naive! That's not true!
A:  The test isn't one-hundred percent accurate. Is that all it says?
B:  No! It also says that I am open-minded with great ambition but that I can also be reckless and clumsy. This is stupid!
A:  Ok, anyone else want to read theirs?
C:  I'll go! It says that I am an extroverted, well-balanced person. It says I am generous, outspoken, and very diligent. This is so true! It also says that I am magnanimous, eloquent and daring! This is totally me!
A:  Pfft whatever, these tests are bologna!

Key Vocabulary

recklesshaving or showing no regard for danger
clumsybe careless;lack in skill or physical coordinate
open-mindedeasy to entertain new ideas
settle downbe quiet
superstitiousshowing faith in magic or chance ignorant of laws
extroverta person concerned more with practical realities
eloquentexpress yourself clearly and effectively

Supplementary Vocabulary

Bolognaa term used to express disagreement
easy goingsomeone who is easy to get a long with
Activeto be full of energy
thrill seekera person who enjoys being daring
unsatisfiedto want more

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