The Weekend - At the Deli (C0215)

A:  Honey, we are all out of wine and cheese. Do you mind running to the deli and picking up a few things?
B:  Can't it wait? I'm watching the game right now!
A:  Your friends and family are coming over tonight and we still need to get a lot of things.
B:  Fine! What do you need?
A:  Ok, pick up some cured meats to go with the wine. Maybe a pound of polish sausages, ham, liverwurst, salami and any other cold cuts that are on sale. I think I saw a promotion for pastrami. Also get some cole slaw and a jar of olives.
B:  Whoa wait a minute! Isn't that a bit too much? I mean, how much is all of this going to cost!
A:  Never mind that. Get some dips as well. Get a jar of spinach and blue cheese dip and also some Tzatziki. If they have bean dip get that as well. Last but not least, get some pickles.
B:  Is that all, your majesty?
A:  Very funny! Get a move on! People will be here any minute.

Key Vocabulary

out oflack
pick upto choose and buy
promotionsomething done to make people aware of a product
never minddon't take what you just said into consideration
last but not leastin addition to all the foregoing
delia shop selling ready-to-eat food products

Supplementary Vocabulary

DemandTo aggressively give orders
DistractionTo lose focus
InconvenientHave bad timing
DecievingTo not be truthful
ExpensesTo be aware of the spending or saving money

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