Daily Life - Health Food (C0216)

John:  Ok darling, got some pizzas, potato chips, hot dogs and lots of cheese!
Kelly:  Oh John, I thought we said we would start eating right! Remember? Our new healthy lifestyle? That’s all junk food!
John:  Hrumph! Right, so what did you get?
Kelly:  Well, healthy food , of course! I got some whole wheat bread, skimmed milk, fresh fish and organic carrots….
John:  Organic? What’s organic? Do we need organic carrots…?
Kelly:  They were grown without using any chemicals that are harmful to our health. And yes, John, we need organic carrots….
John:  Oh, so organic vegetables are the ‘green’ option, right?
Kelly:  Yup, better for the environment and better for us!
John:  Wait a minute, that? …Doughnuts? they organic doughnuts, Kelly?
Kelly:  …. I like doughnuts.

Key Vocabulary

eat righthave healthy food
lifestylethe way people live
junk fooda high-calorie food and low in nutritional value
organicwithout using any chemicals
greenhealthy to the body
doughnutsmall ring-shaped friedcakes

Supplementary Vocabulary

ConsciousnessTo be aware of something
Health NutSomeone concerned with living a healthy lifestyle
EnviromentalistSomeone who is concerned with the enviroment
Supportto be of help
ResolutionThe commitment to do something differently or begin to do something

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