Global View - Baby Shower (C0219)

A:  Thank you for organizing this great baby shower for me! I've always been to baby showers but never actually had one held for me! Let's get started!
B:  Ok, let's start opening some presents!
A:  Oh look! What a great little bib for the baby! This will definitely come in handy! Oh wow, you also got me a stroller! That's so great! Thank you!
B:  This next one is from Betty.
A:  A highchair and car seat! Wow Betty thank you so much! I really appreciate it!
B:  One more from Carla.
A:  A playpen and crib! Thanks Carla! This is just what I needed!
B:  OK, that's all of them. No more gifts. Now who wants to guess when the baby is due!
A:  Umm. I think my water just broke! Get me to a hospital!

Key Vocabulary

holdto cause to take place
biba napkin tied under the chin of baby while eating
come in handybe useful for a certain purpose
cribbaby bed with high sides
the baby be dueexpected date of childbirth

Supplementary Vocabulary

Expectationa pre-conceived thought of what could or should happen
GratitudeTo be overly thankful
SurpriseTo have something happen unexpectedly
NecessityTo must have something
Practicalsomething which fits a certain need

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