Daily Life - New Furniture (C0220)

A:  How about this floor lamp?
B:  Fine just get it! We have been shopping for furniture for five hours! I'm so tired!
A:  We still need to find an armoire and a dresser.
B:  Fine! I am going to go home and drop off this nightstand, coffee table and love seat while you look for the rest of the things.
A:  Great! Pick me up in about an hour because I think I'll also get a bean bag and a dining set.
B:  While you are at it can you pick out a nice recliner? I really want one so I can watch TV.
A:  Recliner? In my beautifully decorated living room? I don't think so!

Key Vocabulary

floor lampa tall lamp with a base that stands on the floor
armoirea large wardrobe or cabinet
dressera set of shelves usually used for holding clothes
nightstanda small table or stand placed at a bedside
love seatsmall sofa that seats two people
reclineran armchair that can be reclined
while you are at itduring the time you are there

Supplementary Vocabulary

Sectionalone large couch with different sections
coffee tableA table that is set in the middle of a living room
bar stoolsChairs that are placed at a bar
family roomthe room where the family spends time together

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