Daily Life - Car Trouble (C0221)

A:  Car trouble center. How may I help you?
B:  My car won't start! Stupid old car!
A:  Hold on, before you kick your car let's go through some possible problems.
B:  Fine.
A:  Ok, first of all, can you turn the key in the ignition?
B:  Yeah! I am here with my friend and he thinks it may be the spark plug or the starter motor.
A:  Those are possible problems, but tell me, when you turn the key, do you hear the starter motor crank?
B:  Yeah, it sounds like it usually does when I start the car, but nothing else happens. The engine won't start. Should I maybe press the accelerator?
A:  No. If you step on the accelerator pedal you can flood the carburetor and your car will never start.
B:  So what do you think it is?
A:  I know this may seem like a silly question, but does your car have gasoline?
B:  Umm. yeah! Right! I got the car started! Thanks for your help! I told you to fill the tank!

Key Vocabulary

go throughlook at (something) in a careful way
ignitiona device to start up the car
spark plugelectrical device that ignites the gas by electric
starter motoran electric motor for starting an engine
crankto start (an engine, motor, etc.)
enginethe device which helps cars getting running
acceleratora pedal that controls the throttle valve
carburetormixes air with gasoline vapor prior to explosion

Supplementary Vocabulary

to stallwhen a car's engine will not start
brakesthe mechanism which stops the car
gas tankthe tank which carries the car's gasoline
seat beltthe strap which protects from an accident
tow trucka service which repairs or retrieves a broken car

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