Daily Life - Facial Hair (C0223)

Officer Brown:  Ok Sally, we have an artist here to help us. We’ll ask you questions about the bank robber you saw and Paul will draw a picture. Are you ready?
Sally:  Yes, hmmm. Well, he had brown hair…… long hair…… and he had some facial hair…… was brown, too.
Officer Brown:  Good! Ok, the facial hair, was it a beard or a mustache?
Sally:  Both! His mustache was very short and thin, …. on the top of his lip.
Paul:  un-uh hmmm…, like this?
Sally:  Yes, that’s the mustache! But the beard isn’t right, mean, it didn’t cover his whole face…. think it was just on his chin.
Officer Brown:  A goatee? Was it like Paul’s?
Sally:  Ah yes, that’s it, he had a goatee.........
Paul:  Okay, what about sideburns? Did he have sideburns?
Sally:  Um, they were long and thick, yours!
Paul:  Alright, was this the man you saw?
Sally:  Yes, that’s him! Hmmmmm, he looks a lot like you.
Officer Brown:  Hmmm, why yes he does. Paul, where were you on Friday afternoon?
Paul:  What? That’s ridiculous! It wasn’t me! I didn't do anything.

Key Vocabulary

facial hairhair on the face
beardthe hair growing on the lower part of a man's face
mustachean unshaved growth of hair on the upper lip
goateea small chin beard trimmed into a point
sideburnshair that grows on the sides of man
thicknot thin;great in extent from the surface
ridiculousvery unreasonable or silly
why yesas a matter of fact

Supplementary Vocabulary

Sketch ArtistA person who can draw a face from instruction
razora sharp instrument used to shave a beard
Shaving creama lather applied to the face for a smooth shave
Hair ClippersAn electric machine that cuts hair
MuttonchopsSideburns that are long and extend towards the corner of the mouth

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