Global View - Crime Scene (C0224)

Detective MeGee:  Alright, Officer McGraw, Give it to me straight, what are we looking at here?
McGraw:  Detective MeGee! We’re glad to see you! We could sure use your expertise on this one. It’s a break-in, but nothing seems to have been stolen. We received a call from the Bear family at around ten thirty this morning. They had gone out for a walk before breakfast and came home to this mess! Broken chairs and porridge all over the place! Apparently, Momma Bear had made the porridge a little too hot, you see, and they were waiting for it to cool down.
Detective MeGee:  Okay then, let’s start examining the evidence…. Have the forensics team been in yet?
McGraw:  Yes sir. They found some fingerprints on the bowls and are analyzing them back at the lab as we speak. Hopefully, they will be able to identify the burglar soon.
Detective MeGee:  Hmmmm,Ah ha! What’s this? A strand of golden hair…… this is a very important piece of trace evidence McGraw. It tells me the suspect has long golden hair……. very few men have long golden hair……. our criminal could be a woman……
McGraw:  A woman? Was she working alone? Did she have an accomplice?
Detective MeGee:  An accomplice? No, no McGraw, she was definitely working alone. See here, there are footprints in the porridge, here on the floor…. footprints, tells me that our suspect is small…. could possibly be a child.
McGraw:  A child? Surely not, sir…
Detective MeGee:  We must follow the clues, McGraw! The evidence doesn’t lie! Now, let’s reconstruct the crime…… the suspect came in, sat in each chair breaking the smallest one into little pieces. Next, the porridge. she obviously tried to eat it and because it was so hot, she dropped it on the floor…. this mess. interesting. These footprints seem to lead upstairs. McGraw, did your officers clear the scene?
McGraw:  Well, there was no one down here… and maybe we forget to check upstairs.
Goldylocks:  Hey! What’s with all the noise? I’m trying to sleep up here!
Detective MeGee:  There she is! Get her!

Key Vocabulary

forensicsscientific tests used in the investigation of crime
identifydiscover and define
stranda single length of
accomplicea person who helps another in committing a crime
reconstructform a picture of a crime by piecing together evidence
Give it to me straighttell me something directly and honestly
suspectthink something is false

Supplementary Vocabulary

yellow tapeA tape used by police to block off a crime scene
Crime Scene InvestigatorThe person in charge of collecting evidence
TrespasserA person who illegally enters private property
Destruction of propertyThe physical damage of private property

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