The Weekend - Planning A Crime (C0225)

Sammy:  Alright, let’s run through this one more time from the top. I will be positioned here, across from the bank on this park bench. Now, according to the intel we got from Jimmy…
Ralph:  ah, who’s Jimmy?
Sammy:  Jeez Ralph! Pay attention, will ya? Jimmy’s our mole, you know…. the guy on the inside… He’s been snooping and passing on the info to us so we can pull this heist off!
Frankie:  Yea, Ralph, clean the moth balls outta your ears and listen up. This here is important , you don’t wanna end up back in the slammer, do ya? Your role is pretty important here, we’re depending on you, man.
Ralph:  Ok, ok! I’m listening! moth balls, hrumph…
Sammy:  Alright then, …. was I? Oh yeah, ok, so I’ll be the lookout…. here on the bench across from the bank. Nobody moves until I give the go-ahead, Alright? And what’s the go-ahead? …Ralph?
Ralph:  You, umm… ah…. yeah, you’ll take off your hat and scratch your head!
Sammy:  Right. When I take my hat off and scratch my head, you do what?
Ralph:  I get in the box.
Frankie:  Right, you get in the box. I’ll make sure it’s all sealed and then, posing as a delivery guy, I'll drop off a ‘special package’ for the manager. Now, according to Jimmy, the bank manager is leaving early on Tuesday 'cause it’s his wedding anniversary. He and the wife are having a romantic rendezvous in the country, so any packages delivered will be left unopened in his office until he gets back late on Wednesday….
Sammy:  ……Which gives us access to his office for at least Come hours…. Ralph, this is where you come in…. where are you?
Ralph:  I’m standing right next to you Sammy, Sorry Sam, I’m in the box. Right there… in that box.
Frankie:  …. what do you do once I deliver you to the manager’s office?
Ralph:  I stay in the box until the bank has closed, . I get out of the box.
Sammy:  …. then? What next, Ralph? Oh for Pete’s sake! This is never going to work.
Ralph:  Hey, give me a chance here, fellas! I, um, I crack the safe . then, thenI take the money…. then I… ummmmm, I get back in the box.
Frankie:  'Atta boy Ralph! In the morning I come back to the bank, say there’s been a mix-up with the delivery I made and take the ‘special package’ back here.
Sammy:  Alright, let’s get some sleep… it’s a big day tomorrow fellas!
Frankie:  A perfect plan, Sammy! It went off without a hitch!
Sammy:  Let’s open this up and get Ralph out here so we can start counting the money!
Ralph:  Phew! I sure am glad to see you guys! I was sure getting lonely with no one to talk.
Frankie:  That’s nice, ok how much!
Ralph:  Huh?Uh,, really, really, really glad?
Sammy:  Money, Ralph! Money!
Ralph:  Oh man, I knew I forgot something…….

Key Vocabulary

run throughrehearse quickly
snooppry into the private affairs of others
outtaout of
slammera prison or jail
intelshort for intelligence;information or instructions
lookoutperson who watches and warns if there is danger
go-aheadpermission to do something
rendezvousa meeting planned at a certain time and place
hitchmistake;an unforeseen obstacle
for Pete’s sakea phrase used to express frustration

Supplementary Vocabulary

forgetfulsomeone who forgets details very easily
detailsspecific and important information
misdirectionto give the impression of one act but do another
unreliablea person who cannot be trusted to do what is asked

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