The Weekend - Going to the Beach (C0228)

A:  Oh, George, what a beautiful day it is today! The sun is hot and there are just a few clouds scattered here and there! What a perfect day to be at the beach! The kids are going to have so much fun! And we'll be able to relax in the sun while they're playing.
B:  It does seem like the perfect day! I'm glad we chose to get out of the city and enjoy the nice weather! This looks like the perfect spot! Ok kids, put on your sunscreen while your mom and I set up camp. Here, Mary, help me lay down these beach towels.
A:  There we go. Can you help me with the umbrella? Perfect.
B:  Ok kids, here'sa beach ball and a Frisbee, a pail and a shovel. I want to see an impressive sandcastle by the time we leave. Don't stray too far. Wait! Leave your sandals here or put on your wet shoes.
A:  And stay in the shallow area. I don't want to see you go any farther than that sandbar! It's too deep out there and we didn't bring your floaties.
B:  You're back already? The water was too cold, huh? I'll tell you a secret. Do you see that small pool of water over there? It'll be warmer in there. Go see if you can find some seashells or catch some minnows.
A:  What is that? A jellyfish? Jeremy, put that down right now! It could sting you!
B:  Ah! Not onme! Ow!

Key Vocabulary

scatteredsomething that is spread all over an area
here and therein or to various places
spota particular space or area
set upprepare
lay downassume a reclining position
Frisbeea light, plastic disk for playing
shovela hand tool for lifting loose material
sandcastlea small model of a castle that is made of sand
straygo in a direction that is away from a group
shallowhaving little depth
floatylife saving appliance in the ocean
sandbara raised area of sand with a top

Supplementary Vocabulary

sun glassesglasses which protect the eyes from the sun
sun tana darkening of the skin from long exposure to the sun
beach buma person who spends everyday at the beach
sunburna skin irration caused by overexposure to the sun
star fishstar shaped fish found in the ocean

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