Daily Life - Buying Men's Shoes (C0229)

Mom:  Hi! I am looking for a pair of shoes for my son.
Salesgirl:  Sure thing! Here we are! If you're looking for dress shoes, we have several different styles of Oxfords for boys. We also carry athletic shoes, hiking boots.
Mom:  Oh Jacob, how about these sneakers?
Jacob:  Mom? They've got Velcro.
Mom:  Well, then how about these? What is this style called?
Salesgirl:  They're tennis shoes. They're very popular with teens and young adults.
Jacob:  Oooo, Mom, can I get these?
Mom:  What are those?
Jacob:  They're Chuck Taylor's! Everyone has them! Can I, please?
Mom:  I don't know. Would they go with your clothes? The backs are really high. and the way the tongue just sticks up. They're almost like a boot. And the sole doesn't look like it would have a very good grip.
Jacob:  They're only forty-five dollars! And they've got cool fluorescent orange shoelaces! Mom?
Mom:  Ok, try them on.
Salesgirl:  What size are your feet?
Mom:  He is a size nine.
Salesgirl:  We'll try a size forty-three on you first and see how that fits.
Mom:  A what?
Salesgirl:  They come in European sizes. He should be a size forty-three. I'll be right back.

Key Vocabulary

dress shoea shoe used as a component of formal wear
tennis shoea canvas shoe with a pliable rubber sole
tonguethe flap of material under the laces of a shoe
gripway of grasping and holding firmly
shoelacesa long, thin material used for fastening a shoe
solethe underside of footwear

Supplementary Vocabulary

basketball sneakerssneakers worn specifically to play basketball
cross trainersshoes worn for running or other physical activities
arch supportsa pad used to give the feet more support
shoe salesmena person who sells shoes
construction bootshard and durable boots worn for construction

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