The Weekend - Gardening (C0230)

A:  I've decided to grow my own garden!
B:  What? You don't know the first thing about gardening!
A:  On the contrary, I have been reading a lot of books about the subject.
B:  Oh yeah? Tell me then, smarty pants, how will you go about setting up your garden?
A:  Well, first I need to buy some things, such as fertilizer, seeds and tools.
B:  What type of tools?
A:  You know, the basics. A rake, shovel, spade and a hoe.
B:  Right. Well it seems like you have all your bases covered . What's next?
A:  I'll till the soil and then sow the seeds. I'll then add some fertilizer and voila! Gardening all done!
B:  Well, good luck with your garden, especially considering we are inthe dry season and it won't rain for the next three months!

Key Vocabulary

On the contraryIn opposition to what has been stated
set upto make ready for use
rakea hand implement consisting of a row of teeth
shovela tool with a long handle used for lifting and thr
spadea tool with a heavy metal blade used for digging
hoea garden tool that has a flat blade on a long hand
base coveredhave all the things prepared
smarty pantsa person who tries to show he is so smart
tillprepare for growing plants
voilasomething used when something is being presented

Supplementary Vocabulary

sprinklera device attached to a water hose to spread water
prunera tool used to remove small branches from trees
hedgesa kind of shrub plant
garden hosea long tube connected to a facet to disperse water
gardenera person who tends to gardens

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