The Office - Interview Skills Part 1 - The Introduction (C0235)

Mr. Parsons:  Come in.
Rebecca Carlyle:  Mr Parsons ?
Mr. Parsons:  Ah, you must be Rebecca. Please do come in.
Rebecca Carlyle:  Thank you for making some time to see me Mr Parsons. It's a pleasure to meet you finally.
Mr. Parsons:  The pleasure's all mine Rebecca. Have a seat please . Now would you like any refreshments? Tea or coffee?
Rebecca Carlyle:  A coffee would be lovely thank you. Black, no sugar.
Mr. Parsons:  No problem. Sally can we have two coffees please One, no milk or sugar?
Sally:  Certainly Mr Parsons .
Mr. Parsons:  So Rebecca, I understand you had a first interview with Miss Childs last week.
Rebecca Carlyle:  Yes that's correct. She filled me in onthe details ofthe job onthe telephone.
Mr. Parsons:  Great. Well, I'm glad to say she recommended you for a 2nd interview, and here we are. Perhaps we can start by discussing your background and resume details a little?
Rebecca Carlyle:  Yes , of course.

Key Vocabulary

interviewa meeting at which people talk to each other
resumea short document describing your education, work h
backgroundthe experiences, knowledge, education of a person
make some timemanage to find to time
It's a pleasure toIt's happy to
fill me ingive me more information

Supplementary Vocabulary

introductionformally introducing yourself to someone
business attireformal business clothes (usually a suit and tie)
interveiwerthe person giving the interview
intervieweethe person being interviewed
human resource departmentthe department in charge of hiring new employees

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