The Office - Interview Skills Part 2 - Discussing Your Background (C0238)

Mr. Parsons:  Now, Miss Childs passed on your resume to me and I've had the chance to look it over and I must say I'm quite impressed.
Rebecca:  Thank you very much. I've tried to keep it short and clear. If there's any questions please feel free to ask me.
Mr. Parsons:  Well yes, I do have a number of questions, but perhaps first you could give me a brief overview I'd like to get a little bit of an idea of your background.
Rebecca:  yes of course. Well as you can see from the resume I'm up and grew up in Brooklyn, New York, although our family moved to London when I was quite young, at around rook.
Mr. Parsons:  Ah I see, so you were actually educated in Europe?
Rebecca:  yes precisely. Although I was born in the US, I would definitely call London home. But as you see I've actually spent a lot of my life moving from country to country. My Father was inthe oil business before he retired so we also spent a number of years in Saudi Arabia too.
Mr. Parsons:  Very interesting. So it seems you had quite an adventurous childhood.
Rebecca:  Absolutely! We were never still for too long. But now I'm really looking to settle down.
Mr. Parsons:  I see. Okay, well let's move on to discuss your education shall we?
Rebecca:  Sure.

Key Vocabulary

impresscause someone to feel admiration
a brief overviewa general description
settle downto calm down
pass onhand in
feel freefeel relaxed

Supplementary Vocabulary

conciseto be short and clear
world travellera person who has traveled to many different countries
cover pagea page briefly describing the interviewee
qualitiescertain positive characteristics a person has
expatriatea person who leaves their home country to work in another country

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