The Weekend - Adventure Sports (C0239)

A:  Welcome to Adventure Tours . How may I help you?
B:  I want to book a tour with adventure sports .
A:  Excellent! Our company has more than ten years of experience in the adventure tourism and sports field . Let me show you some options. This is our most popular choice, our river guides will take you on a whitewater rafting trip followed by a ride in a hot air balloon !
B:  I don't really think I'm ready to throw myself down a river full of jagged rocks in a rubber boat or go up in the air in a wicker basket held up by an oversize balloon. What else do you have?
A:  Well, in that case, we can take you hang gliding with one of our experienced instructors. It's the closest you can get to flying.
B:  What? You mean strap myself to a flimsy kite? No thank you! Next!
A:  Mmm. ok. Well, why don't you tell me a little bit more about what you would like? We have everything from mountain biking, to rock climbing to street luge.
B:  I'm thinking something exciting but. safer.
A:  I have the perfect option, this package will take you on a hiking trip through the Himalayas for three days and afterwards there's a dog sledding journey!
B:  That's more like it !

Key Vocabulary

hot air balloona huge balloon risen up by hot air
in the fieldin an area of work, study
jaggedhaving a sharp surface
oversizelarger than what is listed
in that caseif something said earlier is true
hang glidinggliding in a hang glider
the closest thing you can get tothe easiest way,the most likely thing
mountain bikingride a bicycle designed for riding in mountainous
rock climbingthe sport of scaling rock masses on mountain sides
street lugethe sport of descending a steep road
whitewater raftingThe sport of rafting down fast-flowing rivers

Supplementary Vocabulary

sky divingto jump out an airplane and parachute to the ground
surfingto ride a wave on a long wooden board
life insuranceinsurance to protect your family from your untimely death
base jumpingjumping off a cliff and parachuting to the ground
bungie jumpingto jump off a ledge while attached to a rope

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