Daily Life - Getting A Pet (C0240)

A:  We have been over this a hundred times ! We are not getting a pet!
B:  Why not? Come on! Just a cute little puppy. or a kitty!
A:  Who is going to look after a dog or a cat?
B:  I will! I'll feed it, bathe it and walk it every day! We can get a Labrador or a German Shepard !
A:  What if we want to take a vacation ? Who will we leave it with? Plus, our apartment is too small for that breed of dog.
B:  Ok. How about we get a cat or a ferret!
A:  We're planning on having children soon, I don't think those animals are a good idea with a baby in the house.
B:  Fine! Let's get a bird then! We can keep it in its cage and teach it to talk! A parrot would be awesome!
A:  I'll tell you what, I can get you some hamsters and we'll take it from there .
B:  Yay!

Key Vocabulary

a hundred timesmany times
look aftertake care of; take responsibility for
batheto wash
breeda particular kind of dog
take it from thereto begin with
awesomeextremely good

Supplementary Vocabulary

dog leasha rope used to lead a dog
Veterinariana doctor who specializes in treating animals
kitty littera substance which cats use as the bathroom
bird cagea enclosure for pet birds
collara pet accessory usually used to identify pets

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