The Office - Interview Skills 3 - Education Background (C0241)

Mr. Parsons:  Now, if I look here I see that you completed a BA in English?
Rebecca:  Yes, that's right. After graduating from high school in New York I attended York University in the UK. My major was English, and my minor was business studies . I completed my BA in 2004.
Mr. Parsons:  Yes, I'm pleased to see that you also got a distinction.
Rebecca:  Yes that's right. I've always enjoyed studying. My friends say I'm a bit of a bookworm, but my father always pushed us to succeed academically.
Mr. Parsons:  Well, it looks like his encouragement paid off Rebecca. So how about extra-curricular activities at University
Rebecca:  Well I've always been keen on on writing, so I became the editor for the University student magazine, which I really loved. Also I volunteered for a group called Shelter, to help the homeless in York.
Mr. Parsons:  What did that involve?
Rebecca:  Providing warm meals and shelter, especially in the winter months . I found it really fulfilling to be part of that group .
Mr. Parsons:  I'm sure. Okay, now let's move on to your work experience, shall we?
Rebecca:  Yes, okay.

Key Vocabulary

BAbachelor of arts
majorthe main subject studied in a college
minora second subject studied in a college
bookworma person who likes reading and studying
pay offto effect positively
extra-curricularextra activities
keen onwilling or eager to do something
volunteerwant to do something without being forced or pay
fulfillingfull of happiness and satisfaction
push encourage or persuade (someone) to do something

Supplementary Vocabulary

validictoriana distinction given to the top graduate
admirationto have respect for a person
over achievera person who strives to be the best
honorsa distinction given when graduating with high marks
class ringa ring signifying the school and year graduated

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