The Weekend - Talking to a Travel Agent (C0243)

A:  Welcome to Perfect Getaway Tours . How can I help you?
B:  I would like to plan a surprise getaway for me and my wife.
A:  Very well, we have a couple of different options such as beaches, the wilderness, the countryside or even going to a spa for the weekend.
B:  I think something in the countryside would be nice.
A:  Perfect! This package includes round-trip flights to New Hampshire . A free airport pick- up is included. Our VIP limousine will pick you up and provide you with complimentary champagne and finger foods to soften the thirty-minute ride to the countryside.
B:  Sounds good! What is the hotel that we will be staying at like?
A:  That is the best part. Your hotel is actually an old country villa that has been restored and refurbished to accommodate a maximum of that is guests. You will enjoy an intimate and private time in this very spacious and warm N Included in the price is three meals a day, excluding beverages. You can choose to eat at the fabulous restaurant that offers a stunning view of the lush, green gardens. If you prefer, your own private butler can arrange your meal to be served in your room or outside on our terrace.
B:  Wow! This sounds like something my wife would really enjoy! Are there any outdoor activities we can take part in ?
A:  Of course! The hotel has a stable with beautiful stallions for a very romantic horseback ride along the country trail. You can also go fishing to the nearby lake or visit the local vineyard.
B:  I'm sold ! I want to book this trip. I don't care what it costs! Money is no object !

Key Vocabulary

packagea group of services
round-triptravel both to the place and back again
complimentaryexpressing a compliment
accommodateto provide room for (someone)
restoreto return (something) to an original condition
be soldbe persuaded to recognize the worth of
getawayA place appropriate for a vacation.

Supplementary Vocabulary

itenerarya written plan of events
hotel suitea luxury room above a standard room
all inclusivea term used for everything provided free of charge
first classto travel in the luxury seating area
king sized bedthe largest bed one can request in a hotel

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