The Office - Interview Skills 4 - Talking About Work Experience (C0244)

Mr. Parsons:  Right Rebecca. Now I see that after graduating from University your first job was.......
Rebecca:  For a local paper in York called the York Herald. Actually, I started with them as an intern in the beginning. I was really keen on getting some experience in the journalistic world, and this seemed like a good first step.
Mr. Parsons:  Certainly. And after your internship
Rebecca:  They seemed impressed, and offered me a position as a junior local news reporter. I ended up staying two years there actually. I was in charge of the sports news section of the newspaper. I really enjoyed it there, and it really helped me build my skills.
Mr. Parsons:  Yes I see. But you decided to leave them in 2006 right
Rebecca:  Yes, that's right. My husband and I moved to London, and so I managed to find a position with a National newspaper based in London
Mr. Parsons:  The London Weekly right
Rebecca:  Yes, in some ways it was a step down from my previous job but it did offer me much better prospects for the future.

Key Vocabulary

end upturned out or result in
in charge ofbe responsible for
manage tobe able to
step downa decrease or reduction in size or amount
prospecta mental picture of something to come

Supplementary Vocabulary

priorityto place importance over different objectives
careerthe specific area of work a person pursues
quitto stop doing an activity
unemployedto not have a job
employablethe ability to be employed

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